Visual Studio Mobile Center: A Better Way To Build Mobile Apps

If you're building a mobile app, there's a lot of things you need to set up. How do you build and distribute your app? How do you authenticate your users? Do you have some sort of backend set up to store your data? How are you monitoring errors and usage? The list goes on and on.

Microsoft has a lot of different offerings targeting these very needs. There's Xamarin Insights for crash reporting and monitoring, Test Cloud for device testing, HockeyApp for distribution, Azure Mobile Services for storage and authentication, and Visual Studio Team Services for builds. These are great options, but it's still a lot to piece together for every app you need to manage. Microsoft recently introduced a new product to help consolidate the story: Visual Studio Mobile Center.

Mobile Center takes all of these separate services and unifies them into a single cohesive experience, allowing you to manage your builds, tests, monitoring, and back-end services in the same place.

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