Updates On My SignalR Fork and Xamarin Support

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my SignalR fork, so I wanted to just take a few minutes to give some quick updates on that.

The reason I had been maintaining my own fork of SignalR was that I wanted to use the client library in Xamarin.iOS and Android apps, but there was no official support. Obviously maintaining this kind of fork can be difficult and time consuming in order to keep up with a fast moving process. As such, I had made the decision to only update my fork when there were actual version releases of SignalR. Overall it was a fun experiment, and a really great case study for the portability of C# across all platforms.

Fast forward to a couple months ago when David Fowler asked me to submit a pull request with my changes. Progress! Fast forward again to a couple weeks ago at the Xamarin Evolve conference when I received a very awesome email:

This was then made even better by getting featured in Scott Hanselman’s keynote at Evolve, along with a really cool SignalR demo on iOS and Android that I had the privilege of helping put together:

So where does that leave my fork? Totally unnecessary! I went ahead and deleted all the files and branches from it this morning to help avoid confusion. I considered just deleting it, but there are still blog posts, forum posts, tweets, etc. pointing to it so I’m hoping this helps provide some clarity for anyone who stumbles upon it.

I can’t speak for the SignalR team as far as the timeline goes but, speaking for myself, it is really awesome to see them buy in to supporting the Xamarin platforms in an official capacity. Only great things can come of this. I encourage you to play with the latest bits in their dev branch, and can’t wait for it to be extra-official in SignalR 2.0!

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