Updated Olo.BuildTools Xamarin Studio Add-In

A couple years back I posted about an add-in we wrote to expose a command to use as part of our build process to grab a snapshot of the current versions of all the tools in the Xamarin Studio build chains. For us this is essential in being able to track how a specific app was built long after versions have been updated on the build server.

With the release of Xamarin Studio 6 the add-in model changed a bit, so add-ins needed to be updated in order to support it. We just published version 2.0 of Olo.BuildTools to the gallery which is built to support Xamarin Studio 6:

Add-In Gallery

The command itself is identical to 1.0, Hat tip to my colleague Andrew Strickland for doing the lion's share of the work there! We left 1.0 published as well for those of you still using Xamarin Studio 5.0.

Hope others find this useful!

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