The App Instrumentation Tour Rolls On

In case you haven't noticed, I've been rambling a lot lately on the topic of app monitoring and instrumentation, including a visit to Jesse Liberty's podcast as well as my session at Xamarin Evolve.

For whatever reason I've been allowed to keep rambling about it since then, so I have some more links to share!


I was invited to speak at dotnetConf, which was an awesome virtual conference involving many great folks from Microsoft in addition to many others from around the community. There was a ton of great content, so I definitely encourage you to go check it out. I did a session named Monitoring Your Mobile Apps in the Wild, which was based on the previously mentioned session I did at Evolve.

.NET Rocks!

It's always a blast to talk to Carl and Richard, so it was an honor to be invited back to chat about this stuff. The episode, titled Instrumenting Mobile Apps with Greg Shackles

Gone Mobile

Okay, so this one is my own podcast and I'm cheating a little. Yesterday we published an episode with John-Daniel Trask of Raygun, talking about their new Real User Monitoring solution for the web and mobile apps called Pulse. The subject matter is right in line with all of this so I figured I'd give it an extra shout out.

Gone Mobile 34: Raygun Pulse with John-Daniel Trask

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