NYC Code Camp 6: Mobile Apps

Headed to the NYC Code Camp this weekend? The official mobile app for the camp is now available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7!

First things first, here are the links:

You should also be able to find all of them by searching for “nyc code camp” in the marketplace.

I will be using these apps as a reference in my session Cross Platform Mobile Development with .NET, where I’ll talk about my approach in building them entirely in .NET, using MonoTouch and Mono for Android for iOS and Android. I won’t get into the technical aspects in this post (perhaps I will explore that in a future post), but if you’re interested the source code is all available on GitHub.

Some usage notes about the app:

  • The app can pull down schedule updates throughout the day, but due to time constraints it is a manual process. A refresh button is available from the Overview screen that will check for updates and download them. The first time you launch the app the schedule will be pulled down automatically.
  • Unfortunately the floor maps have changed a bit since the apps were submitted. The app does not include the map for the third floor, and incorrectly marks where the sponsor tables will be located. Aside from that they are still accurate.

Other than that, I hope you all find the apps useful, and I hope to see some of you at my session! To sweeten the deal, I’ll also have some stuffed Mono monkeys to give out to attendees as well as a discount code for the Mono products.

iOS screenshot
Android screenshot
Windows Phone screenshot

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