Getting Started with Augmented Reality in iOS 11

Over the last several years augmented reality (AR) has become a hot topic across all platforms and technology sectors. Apple's release of iOS 11 included a new framework called ARKit that aims to make it easy for developers to add AR experiences into their apps without a lot of hassle or ceremony. While it's still a little limited in its initial form, Apple was still able to create an approachable framework for incorporating AR into apps, even for developers without much (if any) 2-D or 3-D programming experience.

In this article, I won't dive deep into how ARKit works. Instead, I'll walk through creating an AR app from scratch to demonstrate how it fits together. Because I've always thought my household could use more minions (of the "Despicable Me" variety) hanging around, I'll create an app that allows me to place a 3-D minion anywhere I'd like just by tapping on a spot in my house from within the app.

Check out the rest of the article over at Visual Studio Magazine

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