FloatLabeledEntry: Renamed Project, Now Available on NuGet

Back in 2013 I blogged about a library I published called JVFloatSharp that provides a slick floating placeholder on iOS after you start typing into a text input:

the pattern in action

Outside of a few small bugfixes and upgrading to the unified API a few months back I really haven't needed to mess with it much, and have been successfully using it in many apps in the meantime. I'd always intended to make it available on NuGet, but I never got around to that...until now. You can now grab both the standard version and the MonoTouch.Dialog version on NuGet:

I kept them as separate binaries so that you don't need to take a dependency on MonoTouch.Dialog if you aren't actually using it. I also took this opportunity to rename the project and restructure things to make way for adding an Android version. The GitHub repository has been renamed to FloatLabeledEntry as well. Let me know if you'd prefer to see a Xamarin Component in addition to the NuGet package.

Using the library is just as easy as before:

var titleField = new FloatLabeledTextField(CGRect.Empty)
    Placeholder = "Title",
    FloatingLabelFont = UIFont.BoldSystemFontOfSize(12),
    FloatingLabelTextColor = UIColor.Gray,
    FloatingLabelActiveTextColor = UIColor.Blue

or if you're using MonoTouch.Dialog:

new Section
    new FloatLabeledEntryElement("Title")
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