Fairfield / Westchester Code Camp: MonoDroid Slides and Code

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the Fairfield / Westchester Code Camp up in Stamford, CT. It was my first time speaking, and I definitely had a lot of fun. First, I want to thank Mark Freedman (and everyone else involved in running the camp, of course) for giving me the opportunity to speak and for running a great camp. The day was filled with many great speakers and I’m honored to have been a part of it. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to everyone who came out to my session!

For anyone interested, here are the slides and sample application from my talk, Introduction to Android Development Using .NET and MonoDroid:

It’s worth noting that as of right now MonoDroid is still in private beta, so things are subject to change with future releases. Currently, the demo is written against Preview 7, but I will try to keep it up to date in the future as MonoDroid changes.

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